Ahhh..That's The Spot! Four Things Localized Therapeutic Massage Can Fix Or Relieve

Are you overly sore and tired following your exercise routine? Learn how massage could help you recover and improve your life.

Ahhh..That's The Spot! Four Things Localized Therapeutic Massage Can Fix Or Relieve

11 July 2016
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Anyone who has ever had a massage knows that they are very relaxing. What you may not know is that therapeutic massage can fix or relieve a whole host of maladies in the body. When your therapeutic massage is also localized and/or focused, it can do so much more. The following four examples of localized therapeutic massage reveal how beneficial it can be for what ails you.

Cranial Massage

Cranial massages focus on your head. The massage therapist uses circular motions that move from front to back and top to bottom on your head. This helps relieve headaches, migraines and tension, while increasing blood flow to the brain and scalp. When the brain receives more blood, it receives more oxygen, which can make you feel more alert. In turn, feeling more alert allows you to be more productive and think more clearly.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

People carry a lot of their emotions in their necks and shoulders, especially anger, depression and stress. Just think about your posture when you are tense or upset--you tend to hunch up your shoulders and drop your head. Getting a neck and shoulder massage helps your posture drop back into its relaxed position and relieves some of the pain and tension you feel from ongoing stressors and people or things that anger you the most. Increased blood flow to your neck and shoulders also means that trapped lymph fluid in these areas may be released, increasing your pulmonary health and resistance to respiratory illnesses.

Leg Massage

Legs are often a very neglected body part, a fact which causes many people to have swollen feet and legs and a lot of pain. Massaging your legs releases the trapped fluid (edema), which your body can then flush out through the kidneys. It is also an excellent treatment for varicose veins, weak arteries and weak veins, since massage helps keep the blood moving through your legs instead of pooling in your feet, ankles or muscles.

Back Massage

Whether you have your entire back massaged or you have just your lower back (lumbar) massaged, you are doing what you can to relieve back pain, a common ailment and complaint of many people seeking massage therapy. Your back muscles insert and attach at various points along your spine and ribs, and when these muscles tighten up, you feel it in your back. Working these muscles through therapeutic massage gets the muscles to loosen up and then you do not feel all of those tightly knotted, painful spots in your back.

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