Three Types Of Massages You Will Need After Liposuction

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Three Types Of Massages You Will Need After Liposuction

15 December 2016
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If you are going to get liposuction, this is a process that can be hard on the body. Since liposuction removes fat from different areas of the body, there will be invasive tools that are used during liposuction. For this reason, you will be sore and experience bruising during the process of liposuction. If you want to make sure that your body totally heals in the comings months, you should get a series of massages. Here are the three types of massages that you should get after your liposuction procedure. 

Lymphatic Massage

Immediately after liposuction, you should get lymphatic massages. During the liposuction process, there may be a build-up of fluid. These fluids can only be drained during a lymphatic massage. Directly after liposuction, the doctors will make holes in order for this fluid build up to drain out. Even after the holes close, the fluid will be able to drain out through the urinary tract when it is moved during the massage. These massages should be continued for at least two months to be sure that there is no fibrosis incurred, nor fluid build-up. 

Deep Tissue Massage

The process of liposuction could cause your body to feel bruised and sore. In order to relax your body and muscles, you should get deep tissue massages after your lymphatic massages are done. The deep tissue massages will stimulate your body and blood circulation, which can aid the healing process. The deep tissue will allow you to get your circulation back, which will aid in your body looking and feeling normal. Be sure to tell your masseuse if any areas of your body are still sore, so that they can take it easy on the pressure. 

Ultrasonic Cavitation Massage

If you get liposuction, especially liposuction that is aggressive, you need to make sure that the skin bounces back and is firm. The best way to firm your skin and help to keep your body slim is through an ultrasonic cavitation massage. This type of massage helps to break down fat tissues and wards away cellulite and wrinkling from liposuction. This type of massage is performed with a warm ultrasonic brush that is run over the body. This massage is not typically uncomfortable and can help you to maintain a firm, slim look after liposuction. Ultrasonic cavitation massages should continue well after your surgery in order to keep your results stable and help to break down any leftover fat still in the area of liposuction. 

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