5 Things You May Not Know About The Swedish Massage

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5 Things You May Not Know About The Swedish Massage

2 October 2019
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When you get a massage, most massage therapists will ask you what massage technique you want them to use. One of the most popular massage techniques is the Swedish massage.  

 The Swedish Massage Isn't Swedish

As with many things that have country names, such as French Fries or French Toast, that don't have anything to do with the country in question. The Swedish massage technique was actually invented by a Dutch man by the name of Johan Georg Mezger, and he himself used French names to describe the technique. The technique is often credited to Per Henrik Ling, who was closely connected to medical gymnastics and massage therapy, who was Swedish, hence the confusing origin name for this popular technique.  

The Swedish Massage Is About Anatomy

The idea behind the Swedish massage is based on knowledge of the anatomy of the body, in contrast with Eastern massage techniques, which are based on the energy of the body. Swedish massage was designed to help stimulate muscles and provide relief via knowledge of one's anatomy. In fact, Swedish massage is the basis for the overall western massage movement, where the study of anatomy is central to the educational process.  

The Swedish Massage Stimulates Blood Flow

The Swedish massage helps to stimulate and increase the flow of blood through your body. When you get a Swedish massage, the massage will stimulate your body, and help your blood to flow throughout your body at an increased rate. This has many positive side effects. The increased blood flow can help brighten up your complexion, and it can help revitalize your skin as well. A Swedish massage will not only relax your muscles; it will help improve your appearance as well.  

The Swedish Massage Is About Relieving Muscle Pain

The Swedish massage is not just about relaxing. It is specifically focused on relieving muscle tension in your body that is leading to stiffness and pain. The massage techniques used focus on the human anatomy, and thus focus on working out tensions in your muscles.  

Swedish massage is used as a treatment method for a variety of different types of illnesses, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and tension headaches. It is also used by athletes to help with athletic performance, and for normal people with sore muscles.  

When it comes to getting a massage, the Swedish massage is one of the most popular massage techniques because it focused on an anatomy approach to treating stiffness, pain and tension in the muscles. This technique, developed by Johan Georg Mezger, has become extremely popular in Western culture, making it easy to find a massage therapist who specializes in Swedish massages.   

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