How Long Should Your Massage Be?

Are you overly sore and tired following your exercise routine? Learn how massage could help you recover and improve your life.

How Long Should Your Massage Be?

21 May 2020
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If you're feeling sore and achy, a massage can be just the thing to restore you. Massage services are provided by highly trained, licensed massage therapists who can knead knots and areas of tension out of your muscles. You can take advantage of various styles of massage, but Swedish massage is one of the most versatile for wellness and relaxation.

When booking a massage, you first need to decide how long your appointment will be. Massages are usually offered in 30-minute increments, typically going all the way up to 120 minutes. Learning the benefits and drawbacks of each type of massage will help you decide what length of time is right for you.

30 Minutes

30-minute massages are quick and efficient. You can get a 30-minute massage during your lunch break, even if your schedule is packed. This length of massage is ideal for anyone who is very busy and doesn't have time for longer massages. Due to time constraints, your massage therapist may not be able to massage your entire body. A 30-minute massage is ideal for anyone who just needs a quick pick-me-up.

60 Minutes

60-minute massages are perhaps the most common. An hour is long enough for your massage therapist to provide a full body massage without taking up a significant portion of your day. 60-minute massages are ideal for anyone who needs some stress relief. In most cases, an hour is long enough to let all your stress melt away.

90 Minutes

If you have specific areas of pain and soreness, a 90-minute massage may be right for you. During a 90-minute massage, your massage therapist will thoroughly massage your entire body. They will also focus on areas that present extreme tension and stiffness. People with old injuries that give them trouble can benefit from the more focused attention provided during this type of massage.

120 Minutes

A 120-minute massage is the longest massage offered by most massage therapists. Many people choose two-hour massages when they want to treat themselves. These lengthy massages are great for anyone who suffers from a lot of muscle pain. You will get the most thorough massage possible in two hours. 120-minute massages are perfect for people who have received massages in the past, since this type of massage may be too intense for people who aren't used to receiving bodywork.

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