The Many Key Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

Are you overly sore and tired following your exercise routine? Learn how massage could help you recover and improve your life.

The Many Key Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

27 January 2021
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There are spa-style massages that help you relax and feel good — and then there are deep tissue massages, which are on a whole other level! These deep tissue massages do leave you feeling relaxed and de-stressed, but they also have an array of other benefits. The following are key among these benefits.

Breaking up muscle adhesions.

Muscle adhesions occur where the thin tissue that covers your muscles ends up adhering to those muscles. They can also occur when muscle fibers bind together. (The informal name for muscle adhesions is "knots.") You may not even realize you have these adhesions until your massage therapist works them out, which will alleviate a lot of your stiffness and soreness. 

Alleviating tension to allow injuries to heal.

If you have any injuries, such as strained tendons, or a chronic condition like arthritis, a deep tissue massage can be really helpful. By loosening up the muscle, the massage therapist stops the muscle from pulling so hard on the joints. This allows those joints to heal, and it can stop ailments like arthritis from getting worse or from bothering you so much. 

Boosting circulation.

By loosening up your muscle tissue, deep tissue massage helps improve circulation. It opens up your blood vessels so that blood can more easily get to your legs, arms, and extremities. This increased circulation has a lot of benefits. It can help injuries in these areas heal faster. It can also help keep your extremities from feeling so cold in cold weather. (If you have Raynaud's syndrome or a similar circulatory disease, deep tissue massage can be really helpful for this reason.) 

Reducing inflammation.

Deep tissue massage helps encourage any fluid that is lingering in your muscle tissues to go back into circulation. You may notice less puffiness and bloating overall once your massage is over. Some patients who take NSAIDs for inflammation are able to cut back on these meds after a massage.

Increasing flexibility. 

When your muscles are nice and loose after a massage, you will notice that your flexibility increases. This can help reduce your risk of injuries when playing sports. It can also make it more enjoyable for you to be active, which may encourage more exercise, which is great for your overall health.

A deep tissue massage can be really beneficial for your overall health. Enjoy the benefits listed above, along with others, when you have this style of massage from time to time.

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