Everything You Should Know About The Deep Tissue Massage

Are you overly sore and tired following your exercise routine? Learn how massage could help you recover and improve your life.

Everything You Should Know About The Deep Tissue Massage

7 June 2022
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Deep tissue massage is a common style of massage used to treat muscle adhesions. Muscle adhesions typically come in the form of tight myofascial tissue that limits your ability to move around. You may even experience deep pain in the muscles.

Are you tired of dealing with muscle pain? Deep tissue massage can help. Here's what you need to know.

What Happens During a Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage gets to the deeper layers of muscles. If you have had a Swedish massage before, you can expect a deep tissue massage to be more penetrative. The therapist will apply much more pressure with deeper strokes.

Deep tissue massage uses very long, deep strokes to work the lower connective tissues and muscles. This also heals your body by increasing blood flow to the affected region. If you have inflammation, you will see a reduction in pain and discomfort with regular treatment.

What Makes Deep Tissue Massage Different

The most significant difference between Swedish massage and deep tissue therapy is that Swedish massage is meant for relaxation and relieving tension throughout the body. On the other hand, deep tissue massages do the work to get into the layers of muscles below the skin.

The technique is not necessarily very different. Both types of massage use palms, fingers, forearms, and elbows, but deep tissue massage will use much more pressure.

When you visit the massage therapist, you can ask him or her to focus on a specific part of your body. This allows the injured part of your body to receive the treatment it needs.

The Safety of Deep Tissue Massages

Deep tissue massage may feel intense at the moment, but it is safe for most people, You should always talk to your massage therapist if you have a bleeding disorder, serious health condition, or are pregnant.

Types of Issues Treated With Deep Tissue

You might visit the therapist for deep tissue massage if you have experienced a sports injury, tennis elbow, or sciatica. You may also visit a deep tissue massage therapist for treatment with fibromyalgia and other health conditions.

Schedule Your First Deep Tissue Massage

Are you ready to enjoy a deep tissue massage for the first time? If you still have questions, now is a good time to talk to a professional about your treatment options. Deep tissue massage may be the best way to relieve your pain and help you find peace.

Contact a 24/7 massage business to learn more. 

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