Three Places To Get A Sports Massage

Are you overly sore and tired following your exercise routine? Learn how massage could help you recover and improve your life.

Three Places To Get A Sports Massage

17 January 2023
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If you're an athlete who is always looking to improve in your chosen discipline, whether it's a team sport such as soccer or a solo sport such as running, it's important to look for local practitioners who can help you with your goals. One type of treatment to explore is a sports massage. This is a type of massage that is different from the relaxation massages you may have had in the past. A sports massage is all about using a variety of specific techniques that can improve your recovery time between events and help your performance.

Here are three places where you can have a sports massage

Sports Medicine Clinic

A good place to book a sports massage is at a sports medicine clinic. These clinics feature all sorts of health practitioners who can treat athletes in many different ways. While a lot of people visit sports medicine clinics to receive physical therapy while recovering from an injury, others book sports massages. It's common for these clinics to have multiple massage therapists on staff, each of whom can help you. If you're already visiting one of these clinics to rehab an injury, adding a sports massage to your visit can be a good idea.


A lot of gyms have massage therapists on staff, and while the exact types of massage that are offered can vary, it's very common to find sports massages in this environment. For someone who goes to the gym multiple times a week, it's handy to see a massage therapist at this location. One option is to have a short workout to loosen your muscles, take a shower, and then have a sports massage. The massage therapist may be able to achieve better results in a short amount of time when your muscles aren't as tight as they'd otherwise be.

Sports Events

You'll also find practitioners who offer sports massages at various community sports events. If you're a runner who often enters half- or full-length marathons, for example, it's common to see sports massage therapists working before and after these events. A lot of people make use of this service before their event begins. For example, if it's a colder day and you want to ensure that your muscles are loosened up to prevent an injury, you might have a short massage before your run. Look online to find sports massage therapists who work in your area.

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